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Angang caitu June production exceed 25000 tons

One thousand Chinese Network (Zhao Guangliang chief correspondent Cheng Yunhe) Angang Steel Cold Rolling Plant optimize production company, to adjust product structure, production of color coated in June exceed 250 million tons, a new record.
   Anshan Iron and Steel located in high-end color-coated products. From the color coating production line in 2002 since the cold rolling mill on the development of a long-term brand strategy, nine years, the plant followed by the development of the industry trend of pre-painted at home and abroad, to meet the individual needs of many customers, with well-known appliance manufacturers, color-coated color coating processing trade enterprises and international distributors to establish a co-development, personal service model. R & D team to integrate the plant into full play the advantages of production line, has developed a variety of special purpose, high performance, high value-added color coated products and products with excellent quality and considerate after-sales service to win at home and abroad market customers. Today, high-speed rail station from the domestic to the Russian Olympic venues, Anshan Iron and logo printed on the color-coated everywhere. In June, in the domestic market demand, poor export of similar products in the larger environment, the Anshan Iron and color coated products to buck the trend growth, saturation export orders, production, finished product rate two indicators reached record levels, as Anshan Iron and Steel The current core Chuangxiao products.
   Currently, the Anshan Iron and Steel has a variety of color-coated fluorocarbon nine categories, including unique varieties of four kinds, product specification thickness from 0.3 mm to 1.4 mm, width from 800 mm to 1350 mm. Color coated polyester textured effect, PU painted products sold in Russia, three varieties of color-coated wood used in building luxury villas, PVDF color coated products successfully applied to the Xi'an Banpo site venues and other landmarks, printing black and white pre-painted products and appliances used in many domestic appliances brand appliances. In addition, the LCD TV back, black and white with color-coated energy-saving lamps and other products also won the favor of users.