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Classification of Galvanized Plates

   According to production and machining methods, there are the following classes:
  (1) Hot-dip galvanized steel plates: They are manufactured by dipping steel plates into a molten zinc bath to make surfaces adhere to a layer of zinc. Continuous galvanizing production is mainly adopted at present, namely, to continuously dip rolled steel plates in the molten zinc bath to make them into galvanized steel plates;
  (2) Alloyed galvanized steel plates: This kind of steel plates is also manufactured by the hot dipping method, but the steel plates after leaving bath are immediately heated to around 500℃ so as to make them form zinc-iron alloy film. This kind of galvanized plates has good paint adhesion and welding property;
  (3) Electrogalvanized steel plates: This kind of galvanized steel plates manufactured by the electrogalvanizing method has good machinability but thin plating, and their corrosion resistance is inferior to hot-dip galvanized plates;
  (4) Single-side and double-side differential galvanized steel plates: Single-side plated steel plates, namely the products with only one side galvanized, have better adaptability than double-side galvanized plates in welding, coating, antirust treatment and machining. In order to overcome the disadvantage that single side is not coated with zinc, another kind of galvanized plates having the other side coated with thin zinc is provided, namely double-side differential galvanized plates.
  (5) Alloy/composite galvanized steel plates: They are made from zinc and other metals such as lead. This kind of steel plates has excellent rust prevention and good coating performance.
  In addition to the above five kinds, there are still color galvanized steel plates, printed coated galvanized steel plates, PVC laminated galvanized steel plates, etc. But hot-dip galvanized steel plates are still in the most common use.
  Main production factories and imported production countries:
  (1)Main domestic production factories: Wisco, Ansteel, Baosteel, Xi’an Hongtong Steel Co., Ltd., etc.;
  (2) Main foreign production countries: Japan, Germany, Russia, France, Korea, etc.